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Billie Joe sings Hey Jude (x)

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"Green Day opened doors for every single pop punk band that came. Afterwards they really changed the scene of music, in a way just like Nirvana did back in the day, you know? They came and changed what music was doing at that time and just pulled the doors for everybody. Awesome." Mark Hoppus

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*braces self for a stream of annoying wake me up when september ends jokes invading the green day tag for a whole month*

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Can I ask your opinion on 5 seconds of summer and Green Day?

Personally, I don’t like 5SOS, but I don’t think they deserve to be degraded, either, when people get all pissed off when 5SOS is called “punk”, but it is the same situation that happened with Green Day, saying only the Sex Pistols or The Ramones were punk, for example. What I am trying to say is that 5SOS is just a baby band, and they are just starting under Green Day’s influence, and it really isn’t worth it to provoke a debate on whether or not it is punk. And that’s what punk is all about, not trying to completely fit in under a category of some sort. And I also think it’s quite childish and stupid to say that if you don’t like 5SOS, then you can’t like Green Day. No. They’re two completely different bands, Green Day being a much older and dynamic band than 5SOS, so comparing the one with the other isn’t really that necessary.

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Ultimate Relationship Goals: Billie Joe and Adrienne. 20 years strong.

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# I love you babes