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"American Idiot is a concept album that describes the story of a central character named Jesus of Suburbia. Frontman Armstrong said, "As soon as you abandon the verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge song structure … it opens up your mind to this different way of writing, where there really are no rules." He also added that "the band aimed to be ambitious, which he felt many contemporary rock bands were not."

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Green Day: 21st Century Breakdown Limited Edition - Booklet

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american idiot throwback month

here’s the schedule for the next few weeks - we’re going to focus on every song from the album, looking at different aspects, different versions, singles, b-sides, artworks and everything else.

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"I want to wash your grandmother" - Tre Cool

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green day // american idiot

I wouldn’t be who I am today without this album; I can’t believe this thing is ten years old! these are scans of the entire special edition release.

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